BTS of Video Production Event

We hosted a videography event in August 2017, where we get expert speakers who talk all about how they go about making their craft and little tips and tricks and their journey.


Joe Allam - How to Grow Your YouTube Channel - OWIV 100th Podcast Series 100th Podcast Series

Joe Allam is a dedicated hybrid shooter who travels the world and vlogs about his journeys and challenges he faces. With a huge following, Joe gives us the insight on his journey with his YouTube channel and how he has grown it into one of the most popular travel channels in the world.

Drone Film Guide - Our Week In Video 100th Podcast Series

Stewart and Alina Carroll are the team behind the very successful YouTube Channel, Drone Film Guide. In this presentation, they talk about how to get better Drone footage and how their mistakes makes them better at flying.



Gione Da Silva - How to get the look - Our Week In Video 100th Podcast Series

Gione, is one of the best in the industry, fact! He has a distinct look to his films that has helped in get into the position he is in today. Gione, explores the theory of colour and the how he gets the results he does. He creates and uses his own LUTS, and he shows us how he does this.

Daniel Armitage - How to Film Destination Weddings - Our Week In Video 100th Podcast Series

Daniel is one of the most world renown wedding cinematographers who specialises in destination weddings. Travelling all over the world, he has honed his craft and logistics to have the best possible experience and do the best job he can whilst away.

Douglas Ray - How to Direct Independent Film - Our Week In Video 100th Podcast Series

Douglas is one of the most talented up and coming British independent filmmakers around. With many successes and 2 feature films in the bag, he gives us a talk about how he has gone from being a corporate videographer to a successful filmmakers.


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