The Series - Leading Ladies

In the first of a new series we speak to the Leading Ladies, simply called “The Series”

We have only interviewed two women on the podcast before today and Rich and I wondered why this was the case. Put simply, there isn’t many women videographers in the UK. So we decided to talk to who we regard as the leading ladies in the industry, Frances Madell from Reel Love Films, Alice Underwood from Alice Underwood Films, Carys Kaiser from The Drone Lass, Leanne Perrins from Blooming Lovely Films and Laura Lawson from Lawson Films to discuss their difficulties in starting, how their working life is affected and if they have encountered sexism within their chosen trade.

Frances Madell - Reel Love Films -

Laura Lawson - Lawson Films -

Carys Kaiser - The Drone Lass -

Leanne Perrins - Blooming Lovely Films -

Alice Underwood - Alice Underwood Films -