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\\ Cinematic Wedding Editing Course // - The Complete Wedding Editing Course


\\ Cinematic Wedding Editing Course // - The Complete Wedding Editing Course

Let's Create Cinematic Wedding Films

With many years experience of filming and editing weddings, enjoying life as a self-employed freelance videographer and with a background of working on feature films, I am offering a one day only course to share my knowledge and show you how to polish up your video editing skills and make you passionate about the edit process.

This course has a limited number of places, so that I can teach a select few the art of how to edit with Cinema standards in mind and teach you in an informal, relaxed tutorial style day.

We will go over the complete process, from organising your import process, how to make an efficient Multicam edit, how best to edit for social media platforms and finally how to make a short form, engaging edit film.

In summary, what you will learn:

  1. Movie edit techniques, story telling and how these relate to the viewer

  2. Organise your workflow and therefore be more time efficient

  3. Getting the best out of your raw footage

  4. Create great Multicam edits

  5. How to edit ready for social media platforms

  6. How to make the best short form edit Feature possible

This course is perfect for Wedding Videographers who would like to spruce up their wedding editing skills or people wanting to get into the industry, or simply see a new style of doing things.

10am - 5pm - Lunch, coffee and refreshments included.

Only £195 + Booking Fee


NEW COURSE - How to shoot AWESOME modern video


NEW COURSE - How to shoot AWESOME modern video

We are all modern and all Award Winning Videographer, and we want to share with you the more modern techniques of making videos that resonate with the primary audience 25-34 years old. These viewers are savvy they have low attention spans and they are hungry for content. So with Benjamin Bruton-Cox, Richard Shelton and Matthew Willsher, with expert knowledge of all things to do with modern video, they want to help you get the basics right, that being video and audio and the rest will fall into place. So whats in store for you.


This one day course will deal with the main areas of making your video awesome:

1. Understanding your equipment and how to get the best out of it - 

Perfect for 

  • If you are wanting to start, or get better at vlogging, for Youtube, Facebook Live or Instagram
  • You are a brand and you want to promote yourself in the best light
  • Getting the best images for wedding videographers
  • Understanding lighting and how positioning of the subject and lighting can benefit the image hugely.


2. How to get the best audio

  • How to best place lapel microphones and why
  • Why you should consider using a Boom microphone instead of lapels
  • When is using in-camera microphones ideal
  • Understanding wireless audio and how this might benefit you

This course is aimed at helping almost all categories of filmmaker as Richard Shelton covers weddingsMatthew Willsher covers corporate and Benjamin Bruton-Cox will cover documentary and narrative.