"How do you get the look you do?"

We get asked a lot about how we get the look we do for our films. Well we have decided to give you the opportunity to purchase our looks, as LUTs.

Here are a few of looks which are contained in this pack of 12 custom made LUTs.

Here is the full list of what to expect in your download pack.

  • Castle Windows
  • Fubar
  • Fuji
  • Garden Party
  • Harmony
  • Lakeside
  • Light Source
  • LOG me this
  • LOG me that
  • Sunset Punch
  • Warming Heart
  • Wheat Field
LUT Pack #1
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n.b. these LUTs are designed to be used over the top of baked in camera profiles. If you are shooting LOG, whatever it might be, your NLE (FCPX, Premiere Pro etc) should de-log your footage first as either REC709 or REC2020/BT2020. Use these LUTs over the top of this de-logged footage.

Let's see what these LUTs look like!!

Garden Party

This was one of my first ever self-created LUTs. As you can see, there is split-toning in the mids and darks.  Added contrast and overall a warmer tone throughout the image.





Sunset Punch

I was after a look that brought out the detail in the sky for external sunset shots. A very saturated image yet delicate on skin tones.


Castle Windows

During our time, we have film din lots and lots of English Castles. With this look we wanted to use the split-tone feature again, this time focusing on Royal Blue, especially in the darker tones. This gives the image a more 'Regal' look.



We wanted to have that old time-y look, and being inspired by old Fuji film stock. A warmer image is turned slightly darker and bluer. This increases contrast and gives the video a real 'film' look. Ideal for indoor use and more high contrast scenes.


Light Source

Perfect for a most high contrast look. Prepared with skin tones in mind, and is designed to work along Fuji and Castle Windows LUTs. Again blue is in the split-tone and also a slightly warmer magenta in the mid tones.