What Training Do Rich and Ben offer?

Due to popular demand we are now offering one-to-one training for videographers who want to know how we do, what we do.

In the past we have often paid other videographers to help us hone our skills from steadicam operating to colour grading and we have both learn't a HUGE amount from others. Just being with them and showing us their skillset, always inspires us. Now Rich and Ben are offering you the opportunity to discover our training techniques and what we believe in so much. 

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A bit about what we see specialise in...


Benjamin Bruton-Cox

Ben run two successful companies in the past 10 years, one of them wedding focused (The Wedding Cut) and the other more corporate (Bruton-Cox Visuals). As he is ambidextrous with both types of work, he has an excellent grasp of each way of working. 

Some of what Ben can offer you:

  • Understanding the edit
  • Interview techniques
  • Final Cut Pro tips and workflow help
  • How to get the best out of your own equipment
  • How to film cinematically
  • Technical support
  • Audio techniques
  • How to get the best green screen possible
  • How to work with 1, 2 and 3-point lighting

Richard Shelton

Rich is a wonder of the Wedding Videography world. He is a master camera operator and one of the best wedding video producers around. Known to be more of a camera operator, however he is a wonderful editor and his colouring is second to none.

Some of what Rich can offer you:

  • Getting the best out of your camera
  • How to film a ceremony 
  • Steadicam tips and tricks
  • Mastering camera movement
  • How to edit well with Premiere Pro
  • Audio techniques
  • High Frame Rates
  • General Wedding Videography tips
  • Wedding Videography workflow