Peers Choice Award 2017


To celebrate another year of successful work, Rich and I thought a little get together was in order, so we made an event originally called "The Christmas Gathering" it soon turned into something larger. Rich and I thought that it would be great to see other peoples works (and admittedly our own) on the big screen. So we hired a cinema and had a screening day, we then thought, it would be a great idea for this to be a popularity vote (as soooo many 'award' ceremonies are broken!) 


After a slight hitch with the cinemas display (only 4:3!!!!!), we managed to sort out that out and got a connector, (thank you Rob Taylor or Taylors Videography for running into the centre of Cardiff and getting us said connector), everyone arrived - well almost everyone and we started with the judging process. We all settled in to watch some cracking videos. After everyone was able to view, even via Facebook Live, we gathered up the sheets and headed off into town for the after party. So who won?

These were the winners.


Highly commended award for their short 'Pizza Boy' went to Wandering Visuals


Second place short film winner, entered by Matthew Willsher of Bullet - 'Work'


The award for highest rated wedding went to Rupert Ward-Lewis Films for 'The Great Gatsby'

Finally the peers choice award, voted by the audience at Monday's screening in Cardiff - Ben Walton Films for 'The Road 2 Adventure / The Dream Trip'

A cinematic short, capturing the journey of friends from Melbourne to Perth in the epic converted school bus that is Road 2 Adventure. I wanted this film to encapsulate everything that I love about travel & adventure, as cinematically & rawly as possible. No direction, planning or 2nd takes.

Congratulations Mr Ben Walton for his quite epic film... 

Facebook Live Videos

See the moment the winners were announced

See you next year!