Shadows & Light: Wedding Cinematics


Written before the event:

Oxford University


We have been asked many many times by people how do you create the films we do, well after popular demand we are delighted to be hosting Shadows and Light: Wedding Cinematics. A wedding cinema course designed for wedding professionals whether you are starting up or a seasoned pro – this course can help anyone at any level.

Joined by our friends Richard Shelton from Aurora Video, Jeff Wood from Jeff Wood Visuals, Ben Walton from Ben Walton Films and Ray from Ray McShane Films, Rupert from Rupert Ward-Lewis Films and Luigia Pansera from Evergreen Films. This is a stella lineup which they will cover every aspect of styles and techniques to make you a better wedding filmmaker.

Set over 2 days in Oxford, UK we will be teaching the business side of things, staying legal with the correct music licenses, marketing and branding, narrative devices, composition, editing, grading, microphone placement, suitability of kit, how to film in low light situations, grow your business, high frame rates, how to make the most of a destination wedding, aerial videography, portrait shooting and much more.

We cannot wait to share our techniques with you all.


So what is on the agenda?


Day One: Monday 27 March, 2017


9.00AM – 5.00PM 

Presentations, Phoenix Cinema, Oxford.

Ben Bruton-Cox & Richard Shelton
How to make it within the Wedding Videography business.
Coming from two very different backgrounds, award winning videographers Ben and Rich provide insights into how they have built their successful businesses. Ben and Rich will provide you with the tools to can help you becoming a stunning success within the wedding videography industry whether you are new to the wedding videography industry or established in your career.

·      An introduction to the wedding videography business.

·      What to expect when starting out in the industry.

·      How to gain new business and make a living.

·      Keeping legal – music licensing and filming permits.




Ben Walton
How movement and cinematic motion values can add an extra element to your production.
Ben Walton is a multi-award winning videographer and specialises in adding movement to his wedding films. Ben will let you in on his secrets and give you his insights into how to make your video look more like a Film. Weddings are one of the most pressured environments in which to be filming; with his insights you will learn how you can get the from any situation that is thrown at you.

·      What do we mean by the term ‘cinematic’ and why you should be seeking to achieve a cinematic look.

·      How using higher frame rates can add to your film.

·      What tools and techniques he uses in order to get the best movement from a shot.

·      Thoughts on gear and equipment and how cameras and accessories can allow for more cinematic visuals.



 Jeff Wood
Story-telling in wedding films.

Known for his fantastic storytelling ability Jeff explores how his wedding cinematography has changed over the years. He tells us how he has trimmed down on his kit to become a better storyteller. How he has grown from being a “Wedding Video guy” near Manchester filming a couple of weddings a year, to becoming one of the most respected wedding filmmakers in the world. 

·      The importance of story-telling and providing yourself with the opportunity to craft a story in pre-production, filming and editing.

·      How the ever-changing smaller and simpler kit helps tell a better story.

·      Lessons learnt over the years.

·      How to adapt to trends and fashions.


Ray McShane
Insights destination wedding videography.

Ray is an experienced and dedicated wedding videographer based near the south coast of England. Working with his wife he has formed a solid partnership, enabling them to grow their wedding videography business into one of the most respected in Europe. After winning awards for his craft, Ray has gone onto to become a renowned destination wedding videographer. He is considered a master in his field. 

·      A glimpse into the life of a destination wedding.

·      How to market yourself as a destination wedding videographer.

·      How to prepare for any wedding and what to expect with differing clients and different locations.

·      How audio styles and trends have changes over time and how best to capture audio from any formal setting.


Panel Discussion: Craft vs Kit

Ben Bruton-Cox, Richard Shelton, Ben Walton, Jeff Wood & Ray McShane
In this open panel discussion we discuss if having the latest bit of kit is the best way to tell a story. 

·      Do you need the latest cameras, latest gimbals etc.?

·      We share experiences of how too much kit can weigh you down.

·     What is in our camera bags?


Day Two: Tuesday 28 March, 2017


9.00AM – 5.00PM 

Throughout Day Two, all four practical workshops will run concurrently from 09.00 to 17.00. Attendees will attend all workshops, rotating through each workshop as the day progresses. Each workshop lasts an hour and a half.

Rotation One: All about Movement with Richard Shelton & Ben Walton
Working with the movement wedding specialists, Ben and Rich show you the ropes with moving your camera in the most cinematic way possible. 

•   Which equipment for which cinematic techniques?

•   Best practice for operating steadicam operation.

•   When to use a slider and how to get the best from it.

Rotation Two: Audio: Placement and Technical with Jeff Wood & Ray McShane
Often overlooked, audio is arguably the most important aspect to any type of film. This session will be carried in a ceremony and speeches environment and in which you will learn how to get to grips with microphone placement in a high-pressure environments. 

•   Best methods, kit and locations to set up hidden microphones

•   Looking across a variety of audio equipment, what are the best settings to use and why to use them.

•   Preparation and set up for speeches

Rotation Three: Tech Talk Workshop with Tom Cribbin & Matt Willsher
We want you to bring some of your favourite kit  (audio equipment, cameras, gimbals, tripods, lights) with you to share with other attendees about why and how you use it. The session will be guided by tech specialist Tom Cribbin and esteemed wedding and corporate videographer Matt Willsher who will also be going through some of their own kit and experience.

•   Which kit for which situation?

•   When smaller is bigger; big cameras vs little cameras

•   Slider vs steadicams vs gimbals. Are sliders worth the fuss?

•   What are the best lights for a run and gun wedding videographer?

Rotation Four: Post Production – The Edit & Grade  with Ben Bruton-Cox & Ollie Kenchington

In this seminar Ben will discuss how to work with the edit. Long form or short form, the pros and cons of both, working with music, multicam sequences and how to make a decent looking preview film. Ollie will cover basic colour correcting and grading, how to best match different camera profiles how to give your film ‘the film look’.

•   Editing workflow, what software Ben edits with and why.

•   What type of edit Ben prefers to deliver to his clients.

•   How to edit a preview film; working with music.

•   Best techniques for colour correcting your footage and how to best match different camera profiles

•   How to grade footage and get the best possible colour results.